Ongoing Encouragement

One of the challenges that faces anyone who either runs or attends a training course is…what happens next?

Delivering ongoing Encouragement
Delivering ongoing Encouragement

Typically, once a person leaves the training room and returns to the day-to-day of “real life,” the training is forgotten in the overwhelm of life in the 21st Century.

But not with the Encouragers program……..

We aim to continue the encouragement that starts in the program by keeping in contact DAILY with all participants. To that end we have developed an email stream sending encouraging and uplifting scriptures, with comments, that are short and sharp and take only a few seconds to read.

Those who have been involved with similar systems have found tremendous encouragement in these short contacts. It also helps people to know there is someone else who is available to discuss matters with if needed.

The content of these short emails may be one of many things:

  • Scriptures
  • Bible study plans
  • Links to relevant blog posts or web pages
  • Offers of free eBooks
  • Links to podcasts of note
  • …and much more

At this point in time we are offering this only to those who have completed the Encouragers program, but we are also looking at expansion possibilities for anyone else.

So….watch this space!

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