Christian Disaster Support Network offers training to prepare people to assist and help others in the rebuilding of their lives and communities after disasters

Training adds new skills to help everyone
Training adds new skills to help everyone

Disasters are a part of life in the modern world, and our research shows that they are on the increase. As Christians we recognise this to be true for the Bible tells us that as the time for the return of Christ approaches, there will be more and more upheaval in this world. There will be natural and man made disasters.

We believe it is essential that the people of God are prepared for these things, both to stand themselves and to assist others as these events unfold.

New training sessions are being developed all the time and you can see details of the sessions on offer by clicking the relevant links below.


The Encouragers Training Program is now available. It is open to anyone who has a Christian faith and is best run in groups of between 7-20 or so. Click this link for an overview of the program and what it is all about.