Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Mission - Why we exist as an organisation
Mission – Why we exist as an organisation

The focus of Christian Disaster Support Network is to build a network of people, volunteers, and organisations who are committed to helping people recover from the impacts of natural disasters.

The processes we employ in all our activities is to ensure our Christian faith is evident in all we do. To that end, our stated Mission is:

“To support the rebuilding and recovery of disaster-affected communities through a foundation of faith, with a message of hope and by works of love.

Vision Statement

Vision - Looking to the future
Vision – Looking to the future

The Vision for Christian Disaster Support Network builds upon our stated Mission, seeking to advance the work of recovery after disasters through active participation, assistance and applying Christian principles in all we do.

As such our stated Vision for the future is:

“We are a Christian faith-based organisation who actively partner with other organisations to effectively assist in disaster recovery operations. We seek to have a qualified & trained network of coordinators who are strongly grounded in the Christian faith and able to lead disaster recovery efforts in affected communities. Our aim is to work together with people, whether those affected by the disaster or volunteers, to encourage hope through works of God’s love and by sharing our faith.”