We are a group of Christians who have been through, seen or are currently working in the area of disaster recovery and support.

We have seen and experienced first-hand the suffering that people and communities go through in the aftermath of disasters.

Statistics show us that disasters are on the rise. We know also that as the Biblical time clock winds down, disasters will become even more frequent and more people will suffer the physical, emotional and spiritual suffering that comes as a consequence of such loss.

Christian Disaster Support Network aims to help people and communities navigate the post-disaster effects as they go through the rebuilding process. Our focus is people, and our intent is to be with the people and communities for the long term as they come to grips with the effects of the disaster and restore their lives and communities.

We have identified that there is a flurry of activity immediately after major disasters occur with media focus, politician visits, and aid organisations helping out. However, when the focus of these groups move on, the people are often left, still devastated and needing help to rebuild their community and lives.

Through the Christian Disaster Support Network, we partner with volunteers, churches, government, aid and charitable agencies to help manage the recovery from the initial stages and into the long term. We do not replace these groups and organisations, but rather we are the “glue” that connects, supports, and smooths the process of recovery.

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